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Chimney Crowns

We specialize in one of a kind chimney crowns.  They are built to withstand the elements and protect your chimney for many years to come.

tuck pointing

Tuck pointing is a method of removing mortar joints that are damaged due to weather and time.  In this process we use specialized tools to eliminate dust and debris.


The fireplace is the heart of your home we can transform your outdated fireplace making it a work of art.  We can create a one of a kind look for you and your family to gather for years to come.


The flashing on your chimney prevents water from leaking into your home.  If the flashing is outdated or damaged this will be one of the areas that leaking can occur on your chimney.

exterior tile

Tile is another method to dramatically transform old or damaged concrete on the entry of your home.  It creates a welcoming atmosphere and adds to the aesthetic appeal.

exterior stone

The entryway to your home impacts that first impression.  It creates a welcoming atmosphere and adds to the aesthetic appeal, even before your friends and family open the door.

exterior brick

Have you stopped and considered how your entryway looks from the street? You might not realize it, but your entryway plays a massive role in how your guests feel when they come to visit.

interior stone

With Real stone and veneer stone products we can dramatically change your home and create the look you will love giving your home a fresh new look to increase the resell value of your home.

interior brick

Masonry is a time honored and finally Holdcraft but not everyone has the luxury of building their home from the ground up. Don’t worry! We can create the look you will love using brick.

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